The many products we develop are a testament to the breadth of our experience and the range of our projects. We are serious about our commitment to creating sophisticated visual designs that may be effectively engineered; and what we engineer, may be efficiently manufactured. This continuum of developing a successful product is the core of our design process and invaluable to our clients.



  • Coffee Urn
  • Medical Ultrasound
  • Bone Densitometer
  • ZYGO Metrology
  • Cornea Surgical
  • Tamia
  • Fusion
  • Lowel LED
  • Personal Band
  • Negative Ionizer
  • Information FOB
  • Meier Bench
  • Site Drainer
  • IPEC Metrology
  • Stacking Sauceboat
  • Communications Port
  • Ticketech
  • Lowel RIFA Exch
  • iPhone Case
  • Fusion Kit
  • Wenshot
  • 3M Security
  • Vision RX
  • Lorex Controls


We are designers. Our expertise is on Product Design and our experience ranges from the simple and elegant to the demanding and complex. Our goal is that these products are developed with a high caliber of visual appeal, functional integrity, solid engineering, and efficient manufacturing; a goal that greatly supports our clients in achieving their success.

Components of our product development include:

• Research to learn your business and expand on its scope
• Concepts and sketch ideation to push boundaries
• Realistic product renderings for visualization and concept feedback
• Quality CAD work in either Pro/E Creo or Solidworks
• Testing and data logging to support concepts
• Engineering and Prototype Construction
• Associates to provide Electronic Design and Programming, Optical Design and FEA
• Analysis, Agency Approvals and Quality Systems
• The selection of, and liaison with, trusted manufacturing vendors both domestic and foreign to bring your product into production.

A Small Office

A small office is not for everyone, but its advantages are significant as we are readily accessible, and create an efficient environment with timely results. Our approach is that each of us at Design at Work understand the rudiments of the entire process and how that process is best applied to your program. We develop a concept appearance with the notion of how it will be engineered and then manufactured. This approach brings continuity to the different disciplines, and increases the chance that your final product contains the look and feel that you were initially attracted to in the visual design phase. Our comprehensive approach reduces the time required for your development and increases your likelihood of success.




We are challenged by our entrepreneurial clients who arrive with creative concepts, hard work and tremendous drive. For these projects we contribute creative design and implementation, but also our experience in the tasks of patent development, raising capital, and navigating the priorities of an effective product development.

Entrepreneurs are the heart and soul of our country’s innovation and we welcome the opportunity to work with them.



We support our mid-sized clients on a project basis or on retainer, where we continuously develop new products and often oversee production of recently developed products. We raise the quality of an existing product line or introduce whole new directions, working closely with engineers, marketing, finance, and executives. Our fresh perspectives and experience help our mid-sized clients’ projects attain their visual, functional, manufacturing, and quality goals.



Simply stated, we are a member of the team. Our presentations will have ten attending instead of two. We are held to a high standard of research to back our presentation and thorough documentation to support our design. The disciplines of Agency Approvals and Quality Programs become an important factor. This is the R&D world of the U.S. Corporation and we are happy to be a part of it while providing to our corporate clients a challenging outside perspective and a diligent work ethic.


As an ambitious entrepreneur, Antonio Perez came to DaW with an innovative idea and a vision to solve almost any water removal challenges with one product: Site Drainer ™


Feel free to contact any of us on the Design at Work team directly.


361 Parkside Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226




A high school interest in woodworking sent David to Pratt Institute where he earned a degree in Industrial Design in 1978 before forming his own consulting firm in 1985. With 30 years of experience, David is rooted in the design and development of products and often becomes involved with clients’ strategies for growth through product development.

David has lived in Brooklyn for many years, is close to his three grown children, and escapes to Cape Cod from time to time.


Elena has a passion for well-designed objects. She famously knocked on the door at Design at Work to learn about the company, and has now been employed for three years. With a background in Engineering, and a passion for Product Design, Elena embraces the full design process at the heart of Design at Work, and is an invaluable member of many projects.

Elena lives in Brooklyn with a young and growing family.


Lorraine is the reason that David and Elena stay focused on our core business of design. Besides keeping the company books and serving both as Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable manager, Lorraine manages the work and cash flow of our many prototype and production projects. A longtime resident of Brooklyn, Lorraine is also very active in the community.